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The Product

Glass Curtains are a frameless glazing system that can be opened and closed in a matter of seconds. So with Glass Curtains you can enjoy your Terrace, Naya or Balcony all year round whatever the weather, you are in total control. Open them fully to enjoy the warmth of the summer sun; partially open them to let in a welcome breeze; close them totally to keep out the cold, wind, rain, noise and dust.

Clear glass partially open to allow ventilation
Smoke tinted glass fully open with sunken track on both the front and side runs

The bespoke panels of glass can be designed to fit almost any shape or size, the track and glazing profiles can also be powdered coated any colour and the glass can be tinted in a variety of colours, enabling you to customise your own fit, ensuring it blends in with and totally enhances your home. The system is easily cleaned and secured by internal locks so will not only add value to your property, they will also add extra security.

Glass Curtains will enlarge and enhance your home without spoiling its looks and will still give you unrestricted views. For less than the cost of an extension and without the fuss and mess, you can turn your outdoor living area, indoors, and use your indoor furniture outdoors, simply by installing Glass Curtains.

Clear glass fully closed
Outside view of pink tinted glass
Inside view of pink tinted glass

10mm Toughened Glass as standard.

Aluminium profiles manufactured to EU standard.

Bottom weighted, therefore minimal maintenance.

Stainless Steel components.

Guaranteed for 5 Years.  

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